Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vintage Camera

Pt 3 all put together just have to add some details!! Loving how this it turning out!

PT2 - It's coming along nicely!

Hey all!! I'm working on something and wanted to share the beginning of something great. I've wanted to make a mini book that looks like a vintage camera for awhile and at the time no one in the scrap world had created this....well before I could even start one I was on the Scrapbeach Ning site and saw ButterbeesScraps created one!!! What that can't Well if you haven't seen it check it out on youtube. Well I didn't give up my dream and here's the start to something great!! I made the bellows from canvas. I will share more pictures as I complete this little treasure...enjoy.

Here's a look from the front...I've cleaned it up a bit since this picture was taken..and the bellows really move like the real thing!!

Bellows are meant to keep light out when a photo is taken so I had to paint them black!! I used the Tim Holtz black acrylic paint dabber to paint the canvas. Stay tune more to come!


Papercrafting Princess said...

Awesome work on you Vintage Camera! Can't wait to see the finished project!!!

Ms_Dee said...

Oh my word Lia ...this is gorgeous......TFS and I was just stopping by to ask where you got the tut from.....Uuuhhhh...awesome.....Going to check out her site......Thanks again...

Scrapsation aka Lia said...

Ms. Dee she doesn't have a tut I winged this one myself!!

Tena E. said...

Awesome job, love it!