Thursday, November 10, 2011

Monthly Charm Swap

This Group will swap charms monthly.

No matter the size of the Group, you will make 3 charms and receive 3 charms each month. Your charms need to be sent to Lia no later than the 25th day of each month. This is to ensure that they are received for distribution by the last day of the month. I will send the charms out to everyone by the 5th day of the following month.


Each charm should have at least 10 charms/dangles with some type of clasp (TH swivel, lobster etc).

Each charm must be presented on a nice presentation so the the recipient knows who it was created by.
*** Optional***

Special Charm for Birthdays

I would like to start giving a special charm to our sisters for their birthdays. This is optional but if you choose to please make a special charm in addition to the 3 that you must do each month. Make sure that you identify who the charm is for and if we have multiple birthdays you can choose to make one for each of the ladies or just one person....your choice

Themes for the next few months:

January Theme- Winter Wonderland
Snowflakes & Icicles Colors: Blues, silver/grey & white
Birthdays girl(s):
Ms. FranCine

Charms Received:


January- Theme Colors of Love
Colors of Love Colors: Monochromatic (reds & pinks) (this will be in time for V-Day)

Feb. Birthday girl(s) Ms. Joyce

Charms Received:

IMPORTANT: We are going to do 6 in January so that we can get the charms before each months themes and be relevant.

February-Theme Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras Colors: greens, purple & gold

March-Theme Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow Colors: colors of the rainbow

Have fun!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Blog Hop WINNER!!!

Thank you all for participating in the Scrap Dymonz's first Blog Hop!!! Now for the winner of all the projects that I created over the four day weekend is......drum roll!


Please email me your mailing address at so that I can send you your blog candy!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blog Hop Extended!!

Due to the holiday weekend the blog hop give has been extended until Friday (7/8) when a winner will be announced. Here's all you have to do:

Comment on all four blogs of the Scrap Dymonz (the links are provided below).
Become a follower of the blogs and the Village Scraps magazine blog
leave comments on all the projects that were done in celebration of July 4th
Last but not least collect all the words and leave a comment on Scrap Dymonz's blog with the secret phrase (hint: all the words were pink!!)

My blog candy for one winner will be the Pincushion and pins, TP mini w/charm, a set of 6 handmade flowers and the layout!!!

Good luck!
Thanks for playing,

Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 4 of Scrap Dymonz 4th of July Blog Hop

Our fourth and final day of the Scrap Dymonz Fourth of July weekend blog hop! Today's hop starts at Stampin' Dymonz's blog and ends at Lia's. Stampin' Dymonz is offering a special blog candy gift pack today. In order to be eligible to win, you must have commented on all of the blogs all of the days of the hop, as well as be a Follower of the Village Scraps magazine and the blogs of the 4 design team memembers. You must also post the secret phrase on Stampin' Dymonz's blog for her July 4th blog hop post. How do you find the secret phrase? Each day of the hop, each design team member had a word or words in their project description that was pink and in italics. Gather those words and figure out the phrase. Comment on Stampin' Dymonz's blog post for today and include the secret phrase. Your name will be entered to win her special blog candy prize pack for today!

For the final day of the Scrap Dymonz blog hop I've created a layout that coordinates with all the other projests that I've created for these weekends celebration of the 4th of July!! All of the projects could be yours if you played along each day of the blog hop!

Thank you for participating in the Scrap Dymonz's first ever blog hop! We hope you enjoyed the projects and look forward to seeing you at the Village Scraps! Don't forget to enter to win the special blog candy give-a-way on Stampin' Dymonz's blog. Good luck!!

Stampin' Dymonz

Ms. Dee


Lia<---You Are Here

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 3 of Scrap Dymonz 4th of July Blog Hop

Back again for day three of the Scrap Dymonz 4-day Fourth of July Weekend Blog Hop! Today's hop starts at Lia's blog and ends at Terry's. Our fourth and final day of the hop is tomorrow and we have some very special things planned. Be sure to work your way from beginning to end for all days of the hop -- you will need information from each blog in order to have the chance to win the final day's blog candy on Stampin' Dymonz's blog. Enjoy!

My project for today are hand made flowers using the water and scrunch technique.

Material needed:
Punched flowers in at least 3 different sizes
spray bottle with water
stickles (if you like)
glimmer mist (if you like)
heat gun
paper piercer

Layer at least 3 each of the different sizes together and secure with a brad in the center. Wet the petals ( you will have to wet each layer as you go. Bring the first layer up and scrunch around the brad repeat with all layes until you have a little bud. Carefully start opening your flower with a piercer once you have the layers opened dry with your heating tool and decorate as you wish!

Remember signup to follow my blog and all the 4th of July projects that I've created could be yours!!!

Thank you for participating in Day 3 of the Scrap Dymonz's Fourth of July Weekend Blog Hop! We hope you enjoyed the projects and look forward to seeing you at the Village Scraps!

Lia <---You Are Here
Stampin' Dymonz
Ms. Dee

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 2 of Scrap Dymonz 4th of July Blog Hop

Welcome back to the second day of the Scrap Dymonz blog hop! Today's hop starts at Terry's blog and ends with Ms. Dee. Be sure to hop your way through all 4 blogs to be greatly inspired. The projects are causing fireworks all over blogland! And when you're done, hop on by the Village Scraps and be further inspired... You'll be glad you did!

For my second project I've created the ever so famous TP Mini with a matching charm!

Material Needed:

TP Rolls (ironed flat)
Designer Paper

Wrap each TP roll with designer paper and glue in place. Add whatever binding method that you like, for this one I used a simple hinge for the binding. Decorate as you wish. Remember to become a follower and leave a comment and these items that are being created for the 4th could be yours as I will be give them all away to one lucky winner. Don't forget to show some love on the other blogs that are participating in this blog hop!!

Thank you for participating in Day 2 of the Scrap Dymonz's Fourth of July Weekend Blog Hop! We hope you enjoyed the projects and look forward to seeing you at the Village Scraps!

Lia<==== You are here!
Stampin' Dymonz
Ms. Dee

Friday, July 1, 2011

Scrap Dymonz 4th of July Blog Hop

Welcome to the Scrap Dymonz Fourth of July Weekend Blog Hop! We will be holding our hop over the entire 4th of July weekend -- July 1st through 4th -- with new projects posted each day. Be sure to hop by every day to enjoy the beautiful creations. You never may even find blog candy along the way!

The Scrap Dymonz are the design team for the Village Scraps, the creative inspiration magazine for the Stampin' Dymonz Scrap Shack. The magazine can be found online here, and it will be printed twice a year starting in January 2012. The print version contains many more projects to inspire you then what you will find in the online version. Be sure to become a Follower of the Village Scraps blog so that you won't miss out on any of the postings or information on how to obtain the upcoming print version.

Ms. Dee, Terry, Lia, and Stampin' Dymonz have made some fantastic projects with the "Fourth of July" theme. It's not too late to whip up some of these projects for yourself in celebration of the holiday! The hop starts at Ms. Dee's blog and ends at Stampin' Dymonz's blog. There are only 4 stops along the way, but an amazing volume of creativity! Be sure that you start your hopping at the beginning and work your way straight through so that you will not miss out on any of the fun. We hope you enjoy our first blog hop as a design team! Please be certain to leave comments on the projects -- the Scrap Dymonz love to receive constructive feedback. Enjoy!


Pringle can cut down to size ( you can use anything like small cans, hair spray tops etc)
Lace, ribbon, cord or whatever you like
Glass pebbles
Fiber fill
Rubber band
Hot Glue Gun

Hot glue the pebbles into the bottom of the can
Fill your fabric with fiber fill and secure with rubber band, cut off excess
Fit into place and hot glue down, making sure you glue the bottom first.
Add lace and embellish as you wish. I've added some stick pins that are also in celebrations of the 4th of July. Hope you all will give this a try!!

Become a follower, leave a comment and you will be entered in to win all my projects that I've designed and created for the 4th of July!!

We hope you enjoyed our first of four projects! Hop by tomorrow for a fresh set of inspiration geared to celebrate the 4th of July holiday!

Lia<==== you are here!

Ms. Dee


Stampin Dymonz

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vintage Camera

Pt 3 all put together just have to add some details!! Loving how this it turning out!

PT2 - It's coming along nicely!

Hey all!! I'm working on something and wanted to share the beginning of something great. I've wanted to make a mini book that looks like a vintage camera for awhile and at the time no one in the scrap world had created this....well before I could even start one I was on the Scrapbeach Ning site and saw ButterbeesScraps created one!!! What that can't Well if you haven't seen it check it out on youtube. Well I didn't give up my dream and here's the start to something great!! I made the bellows from canvas. I will share more pictures as I complete this little treasure...enjoy.

Here's a look from the front...I've cleaned it up a bit since this picture was taken..and the bellows really move like the real thing!!

Bellows are meant to keep light out when a photo is taken so I had to paint them black!! I used the Tim Holtz black acrylic paint dabber to paint the canvas. Stay tune more to come!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Altered Dress form

Have you all seen these little dress forms at M's??? They are so cute and easy to alter!! I made this one as a Thank You gift.....her favorite color is pink so I did this one up in pink and black. I even took out my sewing machine and made a little black dress, do you all remember making doll clothes??? I hand drew the vines and painted them and added the paper roses...nice touch huh? The large pink flower is also handmade. Then I loaded her up with sequins and pearls. Well head to your nearest M's and grab one of these girls and see what you can do....have fun!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Elegant Shoe

So Ms. Dee over on asked me about paper shoes and challenged me to give it a try....well I only got to make one to the dozen she made so make sure you check them out! Well here's the one I made and yes I will be make more they are just toooo cute! Any whoo here's to you Ms. Dee :).


Vintage Flower Swap

Here's my take for the vintage flower swap...colors for my group was pink, burgundy and plum. Hope the ladies over on the Scrapbeach like these because I loved making them!! Enjoy.

Charm Swap!!

Here are my charms and tag for a swap that I'm in over on the Scrapbeach Ning site. D is for Daisey's and diamonds!! All the flowers on the charm and the tag/frame are handmade by me.

Hope the ladies like it!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

More Organization and a Tag

Well I'm still working on my room doing some organizing! My wonderful hubby put up a rod system to hold all my Martha Stewart punches.

I've also cleaned up my ribbon gutters...because someone asked what was holding them up and I couldn't show a close up of my mangled So here's a picture of the system and a close-up of the gutter clap that is bolted to the wall so the gutter just sits right in.

So I'm guessing you all want to know what I've created.....well I've only completed my tags for my charms that I did for a swap over at the Scrap Beach and that's it for this weekend. :)

But there will be more to come! Happy scrappin.
Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Today was beautiful here in the south so what better way to spend the day than walking through a Flea Market! Didn't really find much but that's the fun part hunting the things you are looking for and some that you're not...well here's what I found.

These are old thread spools that I will find something to use them with. So don't be afraid to dig around an antique store at your local flea never know what's under the next box of stuff..:)

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Here's a quick video of my charms that I've been working on.....Enjoy!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

My scrapbook room!!

Hope you all like my room because I love it!! LOL

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm Back!!!

Wow it's been awhile since I posted on my blog but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy!! I've been creating a lot of things but haven't gotten around to posting them but I will put them in a slide show. I've found so many new loves....swivel clasp charms OMG!! I love these and I found the perfect little dress form to display them on so stay tune for pictures. Also, my wonderful hubby re-did my scraproom so I be adding a slide show of my new room! Stay tuned.