Thursday, November 10, 2011

Monthly Charm Swap

This Group will swap charms monthly.

No matter the size of the Group, you will make 3 charms and receive 3 charms each month. Your charms need to be sent to Lia no later than the 25th day of each month. This is to ensure that they are received for distribution by the last day of the month. I will send the charms out to everyone by the 5th day of the following month.


Each charm should have at least 10 charms/dangles with some type of clasp (TH swivel, lobster etc).

Each charm must be presented on a nice presentation so the the recipient knows who it was created by.
*** Optional***

Special Charm for Birthdays

I would like to start giving a special charm to our sisters for their birthdays. This is optional but if you choose to please make a special charm in addition to the 3 that you must do each month. Make sure that you identify who the charm is for and if we have multiple birthdays you can choose to make one for each of the ladies or just one person....your choice

Themes for the next few months:

January Theme- Winter Wonderland
Snowflakes & Icicles Colors: Blues, silver/grey & white
Birthdays girl(s):
Ms. FranCine

Charms Received:


January- Theme Colors of Love
Colors of Love Colors: Monochromatic (reds & pinks) (this will be in time for V-Day)

Feb. Birthday girl(s) Ms. Joyce

Charms Received:

IMPORTANT: We are going to do 6 in January so that we can get the charms before each months themes and be relevant.

February-Theme Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras Colors: greens, purple & gold

March-Theme Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow Colors: colors of the rainbow

Have fun!


Ms_Dee said...

Yay...I'm in for the December Charm swap....

Hobbyaholic said...

Hello Lia, I was just wondering if my charms made it, since I didn't see my name on the rec'd list.


Hobbyaholic said...

Hey Lia,
I was just wondering if my charms made it since I didn't see my name on the rec'd list.

~April D.

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

mine should have been with you by now Lia

Suzy-Q21 Crafter said...

WooHoo! This is going to be so much fun!!!!!

Scrapsation aka Lia said...

April your charms came 12/5. Croms nothing has showed up yet but the ladies are willing to wait a few more days :). Thanks everyone! Video coming soon of the November charms.

Hobbyaholic said...

Cool. I can't wait to see the video. Pictures never do these things justice.

P.S, I need to sit out for December I have so much on my plate (both creative and personal) right now. I really need to get some projects resolved before I can commit to more projects.

Ms_Dee said...

Girl...I have soooo much on my plate ...I totally forgot about December Charm swap...But you know I'll "get her done"....(hehe...).....Okay...Gotta go shopping in the scraproom for silver, red and black....hehe....Can't visualize this.....but ..okay....Hehe.....

Do What You Love said...

Woohoo - I'm loving it! Thanks for hosting these on your blog, Lia; the charms are exciting! I love what everyone makes!

Ms_Dee said...

I received my (November) cornucopia charms...They are beautiful ladies.....

Cropalcoholic!! said...

Hey Lia, we met yesterday while shopping at Joann's, your blog is wonderful!! I just became a follower.

Take care,